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DigiProb - For Your Ixus!

Thank you for visiting DigiProb. It`nice to introduce to you my unique service. I repair Canon digital ixus-models: Ixus 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 70, 75, 700, 750, 800IS, 850IS and 900Ti.

DigiProb is not a warranty service. DigiProb is a intimate and independent company and specialized only to ixus-models.

I`ll repair all of the problems in digital camera. The exellent and special service is repair the optical unit. Sometimes the optical unit is stuck (e.g. dust, dropped camera) or you noticed that the pictures are obscure, have blots or exposure is not right. Commonly the decision is to change the whole optical unit and it costs lots of to you. Not any more! I could repair it, clean it, even the CCD-sensor.

The idea is that I repair cameras with new and used-parts. These are audit parts and I guarantee that the parts matching to your camera. The costs of repair are low than elsewhere. And it is wise too! If your camera is older than one or two, three years (out of warranty) and the problem is e.g. in optical unit (maybe there is very little grain of sand). It`s not wise to plenty of money to the service where they change the unit to the new one – to your old camera.

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